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A practical guide to microdosing with truffles

A practical guide to microdosing with truffles: we cover the topics you will have to deal with when you start microdosing. In this blog the dosing of truffles is explained. You can microdose with both fresh and dried truffles.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing means that you take about one tenth of the usual amount of a psychedelic and you experience no psychoactive effects. This dosage is so low that you don’t experience any negative effects in your daily routine but you can experience changes in your state of mind.

Possible effects of microdosing with truffles are:

  • Experiencing more calmness
  • mental clarity
  • heightened senses and perception
  • mildness
  • better and more relaxed
  • more energy
  • a better mood
  • be more decisive
  • be able to sleep better
  • be more positive in life
  • being more in touch with nature
  • experience more connectedness with the people around you.

How does microdosing work?

Microdosing is best taken in the morning and preferably on an empty stomach. Microdosing truffles can increase your energy level and this way you will benefit most from it during the day. People who microdose in the evening sometimes have trouble falling asleep.  Some people experience fatigue when microdosing, usually this indicates a too high dose of truffles.


Too low a dosage can do no harm. Therefore start with a low dose, you can always decide to take more next time.  Microdosing can be done with fresh truffles but you can also dry them and process them in capsules to easily and accurately take your chosen amount of microdosing. Keep in mind that the powder is concentrated. A fresh truffle consists of about two thirds moisture. A fresh dose of 1 gram is comparable to a dry dose of 0.33 grams. First start with half a gram of fresh truffles or 0,16 grams of dried truffles.  After your first day of microdosing you will decide whether you want to take more or less truffles based on how you experienced that day. You may feel your microdosing lightly but no more. It should not interfere with your daily activities. Every person is different and everyone reacts differently to truffles. It may well be that you need more or less truffles for the desired effect. If you do not notice any difference, it may be that the dose you have chosen is too low for you. You can choose to slowly increase it. It is important that you find your sweet spot when you want to get the most out of microdosing. You will have to experiment. Listen to what feels right for you. For those who are looking for a bigger change, you can choose to have a trip with a larger dose of truffles instead of microdosing. Such a trip can provide a “reset”, which means that the trip has given you insights and you can benefit from this permanently. Your mind gets a reset, for example, old unhelpful thought patterns can be broken and you can gain insight into your own behavior, making it possible for changes to take place. In a next blog we will elaborate on this.

How often do you microdose?

Many people keep a microdosing cycle of 3 days, which you follow for four to ten weeks. There are also many people who follow a 2 day cycle and you will have to experiment with what you feel comfortable with. A 3 day cycle means that in one week you take 3 days of microdosing with two days in between each time you don’t take a microdose. One dose of microdosing lasts about 2 days in the brain. Taking microdoses every day makes no sense because your body builds up a tolerance to psilocybin and then you can no longer benefit from the truffles. If you notice after a while that the microdosing is not doing what it should do, you can consider stopping the microdosing for a few weeks. You could stop for two to four weeks since after two weeks the tolerance is about 97% off and after four weeks about 99%. To see if microdosing is for you you could do it for a month initially to get a good idea.


During your microdosing day it is important not to be too preoccupied with the dosage you had that day and its possible effects. Take your microdose and try not to think about it. You can use the days in between microdosing to make a short description of what differences you notice with before. These differences can be subtle, it is important that you open up and observe afterwards. Some people notice small changes afterwards, like having had a good conversation with someone they thought would not work or someone coming home from shopping for the first time and not having forgotten anything on the list. The important thing is to be open and observe.

In conclusion

To find out if microdosing with truffles is something for you, you will have to experiment carefully with the dosage to find your sweet spot. Every person is different and reacts differently to truffles. It is important that you always listen carefully to yourself.

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