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How do you use microdosing truffles?

Most people microdose at the beginning of the day in order to benefit from it during the day, but it also happens that it is used in the evening for a better night’s sleep. Because the effects differ from person to person this is something you have to experiment with, if you are just starting […]

Purchasing microdosing truffles

Hoeveel truffel je precies per dosis nodig hebt, dat verschilt voor iedereen. De standaard porties zijn 1 gram, dit is een hoeveelheid die voor de meeste personen voldoende zal zijn. De microdosing truffels komen per strip van 6 dosissen van 1 gram. Om je een idee te geven van hoeveel porties je nodig hebt zie […]

Mushrooms at breakfast for a better mood

Those who stir a very small amount of magic mushrooms or truffles into their coffee in the morning become more creative, more productive and feel better about themselves. At least, that’s what many “micro-doctors” claim. Pam van der Veen tried it out.”Doing this one?” The young woman at the smartshop grabs a can of psychedelic […]

A practical guide to microdosing with truffles

A practical guide to microdosing with truffles: we cover the topics you will have to deal with when you start microdosing. In this blog the dosing of truffles is explained. You can microdose with both fresh and dried truffles. What is microdosing? Microdosing means that you take about one tenth of the usual amount of […]

30 days of microdosing with psilocybin, these are the lasting effects

Dr. Jingshu Zhu’s experience with microdosing Microdosing has been the subject of much media coverage lately. While I was curious about the mood-enhancing and productivity-boosting effects I had heard so much about, I also immediately remembered the following old Chinese saying: with every medicine comes three poisons. I therefore have three concerns about the potential […]

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