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Growkit Moby Dick XP 1200cc
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Growkit Moby Dick XP 1200cc



Moby Dick is de nieuwste variatie in de wereld van de Psilocybe cubenses. Uit het kruisen van 2 stammen, Albino A+ en Golden Teacher verkreeg men deze vreemde magische paddo met een aanzienlijk gebrek aan pigment. De Moby Dick is zeer populair vanwege de sterke effecten en de gemakkelijke groei.

Psilocybe cubensis Moby Dick is het resultaat van een genetische mix van twee buitengewone paddostammen, Albino A+ en Golden Teacher. Het resultaat is een vreemde paddo met aanzienlijk gebrek aan pigment in de hoeden. De hoeden hebben de lichtblauwe kleur van een, zombie of een lijk in het water. Ze hebben de neiging om te scheuren voordat het vruchtlichaam tot volle wasdom is gekomen. De stam is vlezig en heeft een ivoorkleur, de basis is bedekt met witte dons. Probeer deze nieuwe variëteit, u zult iets totaal nieuws ervaren!

Moby Dick effects


Good to know

  • Never place the kit in direct sunlight but in sufficient daylight.
  • The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Is the bag completely dry on the inside during the process? Spray some water with a plant sprayer against the inside of the bag.
  • After about 1.5 to 2 weeks the first mushrooms will become visible.
  • After the first mushrooms are visible, open the bag once every 1 or 2 days to let new oxygen in.
  • Harvest the mushrooms when the membrane under the cap is about to come loose.
  • You harvest the mushroom by carefully twisting it.

Preparing for microdosing

If you are going to microdose with mushrooms you will have to dry them. The best way is to spread them out on, for example, a piece of kitchen roll with a fan nearby so they can dry in the air. Let them dry until they crack when you try to bend them, they should be completely ‘crispy’. You can accelerate this process by heating the hot air oven on a low setting (around 30 to 40 degrees Celsius) and placing the mushrooms in a dish. If you have access to a food dryer, you can also dry them in there.
Once the mushrooms are dry, you can grind them into powder in a grinder or food processor. You can also choose to put the mushroom powder in capsules per dose.

How much do you use?

This depends on the kind of mushroom and on the person that uses it. One type of mushroom is stronger (contains more psilocybin) than the other and each person is differently sensitive to the active ingredients. So it takes some experimenting to find out what the ideal dose is for you, or your sweet-spot. We recommend starting with 0.1 grams as a first dose, after this you can increase or decrease it as you see fit. Some people find 0,1 grams sufficient while others might need 0,5 grams, so do some research to find out what you like best. Of course it is not the intention that you experience visual effects (then you use too much) but it is also not so that you feel nothing at all.