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How do you use microdosing truffles?

Most people microdose at the beginning of the day in order to benefit from it during the day, but it also happens that it is used in the evening for a better night’s sleep. Because the effects differ from person to person this is something you have to experiment with, if you are just starting out we advise you to start in the morning.

Having breakfast with truffles

Use your truffles preferably before or during breakfast, open your microdosing portion by cutting it from the strip so the other portions remain closed. 1 portion is always about 1 gram, this is for most people a good dose. Swallow the truffles at once with a glass of water, you should not chew them! Some people are used to chew on the truffles, but this ensures an accelerated absorption of the active substance and this also shortens the duration. By swallowing the truffles whole, your body can absorb the substance more gradually so you can benefit from it longer. Some people who are sensitive can get very light trip symptoms from chewing, an unpleasant, agitated or stressed feeling. This is of course the opposite of what you want to achieve and therefore it is important that you swallow them whole.

Use it at breakfast

Hoe gebruik je microdosing truffels - ontbijt

Cut out 1 dose

Hoe gebruik je microdosing truffels - uitknippen

Swallow with water

Hoe gebruik je microdosing truffels - spoelen met water

Store in the fridge

Hoe gebruik je microdosing truffels - bewaren in koelkast

How do you store the truffles?

Here we can be brief, you should store them in the refrigerator for the best shelf life. Make sure you keep the individual doses closed as long as possible, once it’s open you can keep them for a few more days. You can keep the sealed package in the refrigerator for up to 2 months. If for any reason you do not have the opportunity to keep the truffles in a refrigerator you can still consider drying them. The best way is to do this with a food dehydrator, if you do not have one then you can take all the truffles out of the package and cut them as fine as possible with a knife and then let them air dry. Lay them on a piece of kitchen roll for example near a heater until everything is completely dry. Make sure you also put a piece of kitchen roll over the truffles because direct sunlight can break down the effects of psilobybin. Note: because the moisture is now out of the truffle, you should also use less than 1 gram of course, you will have to experiment to find out how much this is.

The right attitude is important

What many people who start microdosing do after ingesting is ‘wait for what’s to come’, however this is the wrong attitude. The effects of microdosing are very subtle, also called sub-perceptual. If you experience a noticeable effect you have probably taken too high a dose.

Make sure you are not too preoccupied with the fact that you are microdosing and with the effects you would like to experience, but just go about your day and let everything calmly come over you. Chances are that during the day you even forget that you had breakfast with psychedelics that morning but when you look back at the end of the day and reflect on your day is the moment you can determine what you noticed.

Microdosing truffles

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Reflect, evolve and adapt

At the end of the day you took a microdose, you will look back on how your day went, compare situations with how you normally experienced it and how it went now. Maybe you didn’t notice anything, it could be that your day actually went less but often you will see that on a small level you really have noticed differences. Curious about the most common benefits of microdosing? Then read this blog. 

Check for yourself if the effects you have observed are desirable, you may have experienced pros and cons. Based on this you will determine your next dose. For most people 1 gram is a fine dose but some people are hypersensitive and only need half of that while others might even use 2 grams at a time. Finding the perfect microdosing dose is called the sweet spot. This is the perfect amount of truffle for you to microdose with, you experience all the benefits but not the drawbacks of a novice trip. Many people like to keep a diary in which they write down their dose and experiences of that day, so they can look back at it later.

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