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How to know if you’re ready for a psychedelic microdosing journey

Psychedelic drugs, like LSD and magic mushrooms, are illegal in most countries. But there’s a growing movement of people who believe these substances should be legalized for medical use. Recent research has shown that psychedelics can help with mental health problems including anxiety, depression, addiction to other drugs and OCD. They’re also known to create positive changes in one’s sense of well-being after just one dose. - an lsd blotter

Many people have long reported anecdotally that they’ve used psychedelic drugs as a way to open their minds and explore spirituality or creativity more deeply—and the scientific community is beginning to take notice. In 2017, an analysis of six randomized controlled trials found that LSD could be helpful for those struggling with alcoholism by reducing cravings and other symptoms associated with sobriety.

Additionally, another review found that microdosing—the practice of taking sufficiently small doses of psychedelics to boost mood without causing full-blown hallucinations—could improve mental well-being. Many microdosers report increased energy, creativity, emotional balance, focus and even relief from medical issues

How does microdosing work and what am I in for?

Microdosing of lsd for creativity has become a trend in recent years. The micro dose is typically around 10% of a full dose, this low dosage will not cause hallucinations or other typical psychedelic effects like ego death and sensory alterations (although it may produce subtle changes in perception). Instead, microdosing can help people with depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD and other mental illnesses find relief from their disorders without having to take prescription medication.

It’s also been said that microdosing can improve productivity and creativity by providing a sharper focus on tasks at hand while still allowing some leeway to explore creative ideas during downtime. Some have even claimed that microdosing psychedelics has helped improve their athletic performance and allows them to train harder with less perceived effort. If microdosing sounds like something that could work for you, read on to learn more about how microdosing works and what is involved. magic mushrooms and capsules

Is it safe to take more than one microdose per day?

Even though there’s no evidence to suggest it causes any harm, taking several doses a day is not advised. Most significantly, a second dose will have no effect but merely extend the duration of the dose.

Second, because your body builds a tolerance to psychedelic chemicals over time, a second or third dose will have little effect. This is also why you shouldn’t microdose every day; frequent microdosing causes tolerance. A few days in a row is fine, but the effects begin to fade after a few days of microdosing the same substance.

1P-LSD 10ml 200 microgram

200 microgram 1p-lsd 10 milliliter 1 drop is 1 microgram of 1P-LSD LSD, made popular during the flower power period in the 60s and 70s, falls under the Opium Act. Despite its illegal status, people from all over the world microdose with LSD on a daily basis. In most countries…

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