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Frequently Asked Questions on microdosing

Who is microdosing not suitable for?

For people who are known to suffer from colorblindness or mental illness, we do not recommend microdosing. People with mental illnesses can go into psychosis through the use of psychedelics and suffer permanent damage from this. There are people with colorblindness who have indicated that by microdosing they have suffered from persistent visual disturbances for a long time. Naturally we also advise against microdosing for pregnant women.

I have ADHD, can I also microdose?

There are no official studies on the effect of microdosing on people with ADHD or ADD. However, if you look at the problems that people with ADHD or ADD have, you'll find that they tend to have problems with concentration and procrastination. These are of course the very things microdosing has a positive effect on, more and more people (including medical professionals) are finding microdosing to be a suitable alternative to chemical medication such as ritalin. However, we advise you to consult your doctor before combining microdosing with medication or stopping medication to switch to microdosing.

Are there any contraindication hazards with microdosing?

First of all we would like to mention that we are not medical specialists, if you are on medication and want to start microdosing it is wise to first consult your doctor, they are best people to give you sound advice. Having said that, there are many users who have used it in combination with medicine or supplements without any problems. James Fadiman has conducted a years-long study in which he asked microdose users about their experiences and also about possible contraindications. For this, he has an online overview of all medications and supplements where users report no contraindication.

Click here for the overview of 'safe' substances to combine microdosing with.

What exactly are truffles?

Many people think that the truffle and the mushroom are completely different products but nothing could be further from the truth. The mushroom grows from mycelium, a network of threads of the fungus. However, the mushroom only grows under certain conditions, if these are not present then the mycelium will want to store the nutrients underground and does so by growing truffles. The goal is to store the nutrients until the conditions are right so it can grow the mushrooms then. In contrast to the magic mushroom, the truffle has a very constant amount of psilocybin per gram and therefore the truffle is more suitable for fresh microdosing.

Can I become addicted to microdosing?

The substances that are most often microdosed are psilocybin (truffles and magic mushrooms) and LSD (we sell the legal variety 1P-LSD) and these substances are not addictive. This means that no physical or mental dependence will occur from regular use or that there will be "withdrawal symptoms" after stopping using. However, the secondary effects can be addictive, these are the very effects you will be microdosing for. Almost everyone will be happy with an increased concentration, better mood, less stress or more "working in a flow". This could lead to becoming addicted, but practice shows that this risk is very low. In fact, it takes a certain discipline to microdose according to a protocol. You will find out that you can forget to take it with some regularity!

How often should you microdose?

There are a number of ways in which you can deal with this, and various protocols have been developed for this. Paul Stamets' protocol is that you take a microdose for 4 days in a row, then you take nothing for 3 days and then the protocol starts again. Then there is James Fadiman's protocol where you take a dose on day 1 followed by 2 days without taking a dose, after which you start again at day 1.

The more experienced microdosers often switch to an intuitive protocol where they only microdose on the days they need to or when it feels good to do so.

How should you take 1P-LSD?

Because of the long effect of 1P-LSD (10 - 12 hours), it is advisable to do this at the beginning of your day, take the bottle out of the refrigerator and shake it for a while. Put a few drops in your mouth (the number of drops depends on the person) and leave it in your mouth for a few minutes before swallowing. Normal water breaks down the effect of the drug, so make sure you don't drink any water from 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after taking it.

How should you take microdose truffles?

The truffles are packed in ready-made microdose portions of 1 gram each, delivered in a strip of 6 portions. Take 1 gram from the package together with your breakfast (leave the rest still closed for a better shelf life) and swallow it whole, do not chew! You can do this with a glass of water or milk but do not use carbonated drinks. Some people are used to chew on the truffles, this ensures that the active substance psilocybin is absorbed faster by your body so the effects starts faster. However, this is not what you want in microdosing, by not chewing the substance is more gradually absorbed by your body so you do not experience a peak but a subtle effect.

It is also possible to mix the truffles in a fruit or vegetable shake if you have problems with the taste of the truffles.

Can you combine alcohol with microdosing?

There are no indications that this could cause problems, but you have to ask yourself if this is a combination you want to make. Alcohol has a narcotic effect on the body and removes inhibitions, microdosing should make you sharp and alert so it will work against each other.

Can I also exercise while microdosing?

There are definitely plenty of people who use microdosing for improved sports performance. Even in top sport it is common for athletes to use microdosing, because the right dose increases your cognitive functions, you are sharper and have more focus for what you do and there are also users who report an improvement in stamina after microdosing. After exercising you may find that you were in a real flow during your workout, it went smoothly and this increases your performance.

Can you participate in traffic if you microdose?

Theoretically you are under the influence of a drug when you are microdosing, this is important to realize before you start. If you are involved in a (serious) accident as a driver of a vehicle you could be required to participate in a blood test which could prove your use with all its consequences.

Having said that, microdosing should allow you to participate perfectly in traffic because for many users it improves concentration and alertness. If you take the right dose, microdosing should in no way affect you negatively in both behavior and feelings. We would like to strongly advise you not to participate in traffic if you are going to microdosage for the first time or if you are still in the process of figuring out your ideal dose.

Read here an article about the legality of microdosing with psilocybin.

What are the benefits of microdosing?

Microdosing is simply taking a very small amount of psychedelics such as psilocybin (truffles or magic mushrooms), LSD or other substances. The dose ingested is usually about 5% to 10% of the normal trip dose. People who microdose do so for many different reasons, such as boosting productivity, energy and cognitive functions but also to reduce stress, depression or anxiety. Microdosing can be seen as a tool to improve certain aspects of your life.

Read an article here where we discuss the benefits of microdosing in more detail.

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