Microdosing truffles
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Microdosing truffles


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Microdosing truffles is the most legal and easy way to microdose. Unlike LSD, truffles are just legal in most countries! With microdosing truffles you get more out of everyday life and enjoy an inner peace. In very low quantities the effects are very subtle, but it has a noticeable impact on your daily life. For example, it provides a higher level of creativity, less stress and better concentration!

This package is specially designed for use in microdosing. 6 times 1 gram of fresh magic truffles, so you don’t have to weigh anything but you can directly take your dose.

When microdosing, the intention is to take a small amount of psychedelics, so you will not trip but still experience the beneficial effects of the drug. This technique has been used by a select group of users for years, and more and more people are becoming convinced of its positive effects.

The main reason to use microdosing truffles

Truffles contain psychoactive substances that provide the highest level of innovation. By microdosing with truffles on a daily basis you increase creativity, but do not hallucinate or trip. Microdosing with truffles provides more energy and thresholds you experience in daily life disappear or become more bearable.

Other possible reasons for microdosing with truffles are:

  • Improving your concentration and focus
  • More physical energy and enthusiasm
  • A better mood and more positive attitude in life
  • Better relational skills
  • Increasing spiritual awareness
  • Improving your sensory abilities

The microdosing of truffles is experienced differently by each person. Therefore, always listen to your own body and trust your own experience!

How does microdosing with truffles work?

If you start microdosing with truffles, it is wise to start on a day off. It is recommended to start with 0.3 grams of self-dried truffles or 1 gram of fresh truffles. Do you notice nothing? Then you can increase each time with 0.2 grams to about 1 gram. You start your microdose routine with 1 portion of truffles. You can just eat them or mix them with some food and eat them but make sure you do not chew them, swallow it whole! You can also choose to put the truffles in your tea, then wait 20 minutes and you can just drink them.

Like other psychedelics, truffles are not addictive or neurotoxic. Because of the small dosage, there seems to be no danger of a bad trip or psychosis when microdosing. The health risks of taking truffles are of a psychological nature. For example, it is not dangerous to the body or brain, but it can cause psychological risks, such as feelings of anxiety, nausea or mild hallucinations. You can also become tolerant to truffles if you use them daily.

Good to know

To keep truffles fresh, you should store them in the refrigerator. As soon as you open the vacuum packaging, do it by placing them on unbleached tissues, toilet paper or another type of absorbent paper in the refrigerator. This will prevent the truffles from coming into contact with water, which can cause damage to the truffles, and will increase your lifespan of the truffles from a few days to a month.

This package of truffles was developed specifically for use in microdosing. The fresh portions of truffles are sealed individually. The package contains 6 times 1 gram fresh truffles, so you do not have to weigh anything but you can take your dose immediately.

Microdosing involves taking a small amount of psychedelics, which means you will not be tripping but still experience the beneficial effects of the drug. This technique has been used for years by a select group of users and more and more people are becoming convinced of its positive effects.

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