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Mushrooms at breakfast for a better mood

Those who stir a very small amount of magic mushrooms or truffles into their coffee in the morning become more creative, more productive and feel better about themselves. At least, that’s what many “micro-doctors” claim. Pam van der Veen tried it out.”Doing this one?” The young woman at the smartshop grabs a can of psychedelic truffles called Pandora from the shelf. ,,They score high on visual, creative and philosophical. Is that what you’re looking for? I recommend stirring them into applesauce first and only then eating them, because they’re kind of gross.” ”That’s not necessary,” I reply. I pull out my debit card and charge 16.99 euros, for 15 grams. ”I dry them and then grind them.”The woman behind the counter nods in agreement. Aha, you’re going to microdose with it. Then indeed, never mind the applesauce. Have fun with it!’

No idea what to expect, how I’ll feel or if I’ll feel anything at all.

Taking minute quantities of psychedelic drugs seems to have extraordinary effects. Tech workers in Silicon Valley have been doing it for a while, to get more focus, think out of the box and solve complicated problems. Although microdosing involves milligrams – a tenth of a full “trip” dose – it is claimed to have an effect on concentration and creativity. Experiences are very positive, and interest in microdosing is also growing in the Netherlands.

The American psychologist James Fadiman was one of the first to study the phenomenon. He is an expert in the field of psychedelic drugs and their application in the treatment of trauma and depression, but for about ten years he has also been doing field research into the use of psychedelics on a “sub-perceptual level. In other words, taking such small doses of lsd, psilocybin or other mind-altering substances that you don’t hallucinate, but you do experience the benefits. Fadiman collects stories from people who regularly microdose. What happens to you when you stir some ground magic mushrooms or drops of lsd into your yogurt on a weekday morning? Nothing but good, if you can believe Fadiman and the microdosing communities on the Internet. Mental clarity, calmness, mildness, enhanced sensory perception, more relaxation, improved sleep, more energy and decisiveness, a better mood, a more positive outlook on life, connection with the people around you, a feeling of oneness with the universe – these are just some of the many positive effects it is said to bring. People with adhd, depression and migraines also report great benefits from taking small amounts of psychedelics.

My psilocybin-containing truffles, dried in a cool, dark place, are first dissected in vain in a mortar. It works better with the citrus grater. I shave truffle powder in a bowl, weigh 0.3 grams and take it with water. That amount is recommended on, a platform for information, education and research. The prescribed frequency is once every three days, a protocol that Fadiman considers safe.

Guys, Pam is going to work tripping today! posts a friend in our Whatsapp group. I’m bombarded with jokes and curious questions, but keep a low profile for now. I have no idea what to expect, how I will feel or if I will feel anything at all. Experience with mind-altering substances cannot be denied me, so I have to see what happens with these few milligrams of truffle.


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