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Purchasing microdosing truffles

Exactly how much truffle you need per dose varies for everyone. The standard portions are 1 gram, this is an amount that will be sufficient for most people. The microdosing truffles come in strips of 6 doses of 1 gram.

To give you an idea of how many servings you need, here is a brief overview:

For 1 month of microdosing:

Fadiman protocol: 11 servings= 2 strips
Stamets protocol: 15 servings = 3 strips
Intuitive use: depends on your usage

For 2 months of microdosing:

Fadiman protocol: 22 servings = 4 strips
Stamets protocol: Do not take longer than 1 month!
Intuitive use: depends on your usage

With these Microdosing Truffles in ready-made strips you can microdose without having to dry, grind and capsulate them yourself! Truffles are not allowed to be sold dried in most countries, this is why they are conveniently packed fresh per 1 gram so you can keep the rest fresh in your fridge.

Benefits of microdosing truffles packaging:

  • Optimal dosage and ease of use. No scales or other accessories needed.
  • Unopened in the refrigerator for 2 months. After opening it has a limited shelf life.
  • Perfect for beginners. You can take the first dose immediately after purchase.
  • Also mix it with something edible or you can make tea of it (Finely grind it, 15 minutes in soft boiling water, possibly add tea and honey).
  • Smaller truffles in the strip. So you can dose accurately if your sweet spot is higher than 1 gram.
  • Originating from the best, most experienced truffle grower in the world, located in The Netherlands: FreshMushrooms
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